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How It Works

Technological advancements have improved all aspects of our lives. The Internet especially has drastically changed how people all over the planet communicate, share ideas, and learn about the world around them. It is time that such a powerful and influential technology is brought to bear on one incredibly important area: education. Although some traditional high schools have begun incorporating technology into their courses, we believe such powerful digital tools are capable of much more. The Internet can do more than simply bolster a quality high school experience; it can completely transform it into something amazing. Enter Oklahoma Virtual High School.

Your Future Is Here At OKVHS

Free of Charge, But Full of Value

Your child’s education should only be limited by his or her desire to learn, not your family’s finances. Oklahoma Virtual High School is a free school powered by the same funds that drive traditional high schools and traditional students. You pay nothing out of pocket for your child to earn a top-notch high school education at his or her own pace. If your child is a qualified student, they can enter Oklahoma Virtual High School’s program free of charge.

Our Teachers Will Unlock Success

Oklahoma Virtual High School’s Oklahoma-certified educators are your child’s secret to success. They will make your child feel like the only student in the class and provide an educational path designed specifically for your child’s footsteps. They will be there for 1:1 interaction 7:00am to 10:00pm CDT, Monday through Friday, to guide your child on his journey to educational achievement. If your child stumbles, Oklahoma Virtual High School also offers 24/7 online tutoring to get them back on the right track. Your child will never feel lost or alone at Oklahoma Virtual High School. We even offer a virtual online whiteboard to help our students visualize concepts more concretely. The markers and erasers are digital, but the results are very real.

Our Commitment Is Your Child’s Success

While an entirely-online curriculum can seem intimidating at first, Oklahoma Virtual High School’s devoted student achievement coordinators will be there every step of the way. Our education experts will be there to help your child find the appropriate classes, navigate enrollment, learn all about our digital learning tools, and answer any and all questions. At Oklahoma Virtual High School, we are first and foremost dedicated to the success of every student who enters our program. Even though your child will be learning at a specialized pace on an independent schedule, they will never be alone. With your personal motivation and our guidance, your child can enter Oklahoma Virtual High School with confidence. We determine our success by our students’ success.