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Request More Information by Calling 1-888-425-7178

Fill out the form to take the first step towards enrollment. Before you begin, please take a few moments to review the important information below. After you submit your information, we’ll contact you shortly to help you proceed with enrollment and answer any questions you may have. Please start early to ensure your family is ready to start the new school year off right!


  • Students must have reliable computer and internet access in order to complete their assignments and ensure proper attendance.

  • Under the age of 21*
  • Interested in taking all of your classes online through OKVHS
  • Using OKVHS as an alternative to homeschool or private school
  • Acknowledge that many of the courses listed as Honors courses available to students on this website are College Board approved, however, students participating in this opportunity through the district will not be eligible to use the AP designation on transcripts.  On transcripts those courses will be designated as Honors courses and will have additional grade weighting.

* Some restrictions may apply.