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Oklahoma Virtual High School allows students to adapt their education to their lifestyle rather than the other way around. Thanks to the flexibility of Oklahoma Virtual High School’s online curriculum, your child can find personalized assistance at all hours of the day from educators who are dedicated to your child’s success. When the student becomes the central focus of the instruction, it enables students to more efficiently build the skills they will need to excel in the professional world.

Your Future Is Here At OKVHS

Instant Help, All The Time

Oklahoma Virtual High School helps your child hurdle the barriers that may arise in their high school career. Modern technology eliminates the need for teacher office hours and delayed progress reports. At Oklahoma Virtual High School, your child receives the highest quality instruction from Oklahoma-certified teachers in real time. Communicate with teachers instantaneously with Chat, our high-tech instant messaging system. Learn 1:1 with teachers from 7:00am to 10:00pm CDT, Monday through Friday, to get specially tailored interaction. Students can also access 24/7 online tutoring to help them grasp even the most difficult concepts.

Earn Your Diploma, The Right Way

All Oklahoma Virtual High School students leave our program with something tangible. An accredited, public charter school funds Oklahoma Virtual High School’s program. When your child graduates, he or she walks away with a nationally recognized high school diploma to set up success after high school. A Oklahoma Virtual High School diploma is no different from any student who went through high school in the usual way. Oklahoma Virtual High School provides a fast, smooth, and specially tailored program to get that diploma out of your child’s head and onto their wall. Get a diploma the smart way and get a head start on your child’s future career.

Learn Anywhere, Study Anytime

Think you or your child is too busy to attend school? Think again. Thanks to Oklahoma Virtual High School, you can adapt your child’s education to fit any busy schedule. Your child can learn when there is time and come back to it later. Morphing curriculums into manageable, flexible segments allows your child to live life the way he or she wants without sacrificing time and resources. At Oklahoma Virtual High School, your child learns when, where, and how he or she wants. Your child can access classes anywhere with an Internet connection. With our online curriculum, your child’s education will be as mobile as they are. Education should never tie you down; it should help you soar toward your own brighter future.

A Respected Education

Oklahoma Virtual High School is a world-class education program presented by a respected and accredited charter school. Students will experience a streamlined, vigorous learning environment propelled by cutting-edge technology and Oklahoma-certified teachers. Oklahoma Virtual High School’s online technology is designed to give our students the robust education experience they can receive at a traditional high school with flexibility, accessibility, and expert guidance. Build your child’s future with the most advanced tools Oklahoma Virtual High School can provide without the fear of your child falling behind or being lost in the clutter.