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About Us

At Oklahoma Virtual High School, we know that no two students are alike. Each person learns at a different pace and succeeds with different tools. Traditional high schools feature a more uniform curriculum that puts all students through the same instruction while downplaying their differences. Oklahoma Virtual High School believes that every student will succeed when he or she is presented with instruction tailored to individual needs. We provide tools and teaching methods as unique as the students who use them.

Your Future Is Here At OKVHS

Caring, Qualified Teachers

Professionalism is not limited to the traditional classroom setting. Oklahoma Virtual High School employs passionate Oklahoma-certified educators who specialize in cultivating student relationships and developing intelligent minds. With 24/7 tutoring and 1:1 interaction 7:00am to 9:00pm CDT Monday through Friday, you will feel as though Oklahoma Virtual High School was designed specifically for your child’s needs.

Tech That Works

Web-based technology has expanded the definition of a top-notch education experience. Thanks to Oklahoma Virtual High School’s online comprehensive curriculum, your child will receive all the benefits of a Oklahoma-certified education with none of the detriments. Communicate with teachers in real-time, follow a progressive online lesson plan, and utilize real-time progress reports to track your child’s development as it happens.

Innovative Courses

Access a horde of online courses in six subject areas thanks to Oklahoma Virtual High School’s innovative and comprehensive curriculum. Thanks to the information-gathering power of the Internet, your child will have access to a nearly unlimited, digital learning resource.

A Real High School Diploma

All Oklahoma Virtual High School students leave our program with something tangible. An accredited, public charter school funds our program. When your child graduates, he walks away with a nationally recognized high school diploma to set him up for success after high school.

Support You Can Count On

If your child starts to struggle, Oklahoma Virtual High School has thier back. Our full-range support squad includes qualified teachers, teaching assistants, student achievement coordinators, and 24/7 technical support. The expert team at Oklahoma Virtual High School is always ready to provide the help your child need to overcome any obstacle.