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Learning that Empowers
Students for Life

At Oklahoma Virtual High School, streamlined education is our priority. Thanks to a flexible online curriculum, your child can succeed at their own pace and avoid the disruptions that abound in a traditional, classroom-based education environment. Our students do not need to drive to a campus, become distracted by other students, or constantly change classrooms all day long. When your child attends Oklahoma Virtual High School, he or she moves from a name on a roll sheet to the forefront of a cutting-edge, digital instruction experience.

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Unlock Your Child’s Potential.

  • A high-quality public school education featuring comprehensive, accredited, and state-aligned online curriculum for grades 6-12.

  • One-on-one instruction and support delivered in real time from passionate, experienced, Oklahoma-certified teachers.
  • Flexible and interactive online classes that fit your schedule.
  • Interactive web tools, online lesson plans, and live instruction in an online classroom without distractions or peer pressure.
  • College prep and foreign language classes.

  • 24/7 student support system.
  • A nationally and regionally recognized diploma.

Stay Connected

As your child learns at his or her preferred speed, he or she will have access to 24-hour assistance through a variety of media provided by Oklahoma Virtual High School. Our students can call, email, or use Chat — our instantaneous messaging system — to find the help they need day or night. Post questions on our secure message boards to brainstorm with fellow students, or receive personalized help from our experienced educators. Your child can collaborate directly and instantly with people who will help him or her achieve education milestones.

Quality Without The Cost

Keep your fingers on the keyboard and out of your wallet. Oklahoma Virtual High School is a public program provided through Epic Charter School. As long as your child is a qualified student, he or she can enter this flexible and powerful program absolutely free. Oklahoma Virtual High School believes in providing an education solution to all qualified students regardless of their financial situation. Our students learn how they want and when they want at no cost to them.